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   Developing Academic Excellence in a multi-lingual environment  

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Cambridge International

Welcome to Bozhou International School

The international program of No.1 School provides students between the ages of 14-18 with an academically rigorous, challenging and rewarding international curriculum designed to offer the very best preparation for students who wish to study abroad. 

The curriculum is designed to appropriately challenge all levels of students and recognises different language backgrounds. 

Students that are successful in their application to Bozhou No.1 International program are likely to face a different set of challenges to those that they have faced before. It is important to understand that the entry requirements to top foreign universities are based on more than just academic ability. Bozhou No.1 is committed to 
ensuring its students demonstrate a range of extra curricular abilities that make them stand out as exceptional students. Skills and awards that show their knowledge and understanding of world affairs, environmental responsibility, Team Work & Global Leadership and Future Community Development. 

The Cambridge University International Education Advanced Level (IA-level) and I.G.C.S.E are world renown and used in over 15000+ school around the Globe. When taught in conjunction with curriculum that balances learning English along side ECA’s and other academic subjects, you give your child the best possible start in their future career and demonstrate a superb & well rounded student.

Here are the photos of our lovely students during their annual sports day.
We are currently still accepting applications for these subjects. Please send your CV / resume to
We are proud to be the first Cambridge Alevel exam centre in Anhui License No.361 issued in December 2013.
  • We are very interested to hear from any potential schools with regards to starting a school partnership We are looking for class-class, Faculty Exchange and full school cooperation.
  • We are the first school in central China to look into adopting Gamification in the classroom Using computers & games to increase learning outside the classroom.
  • We are proud to be the first Cambridge Alevel exam centre in Anhui License No.361 issued in December 2013.
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Intro from the Headmaster
Welcome to Bozhou No.1 South School International Program. Please feel free to read our short introduction to the school and its 100yr history.  more...
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