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International High School Program

    The international program of No.1 School provides students between the ages of 14-18 with an academically rigorous, challenging and rewarding international curriculum designed to offer the very best preparation for students who wish to study abroad.

    The curriculum is designed to appropriately challenge all levels of students and recognises different language backgrounds.

    Students that are successful in their application to Bozhou No.1 International program are likely to face a different set of challenges to those that they have faced before. It is important to understand that the entry requirements to top foreign universities are based on more than just academic ability. Bozhou No.1 is committed to ensuring its students demonstrate a range of extra curricular abilities that make them stand out as exceptional students. Skills and awards that show their knowledge and understanding of world affairs, environmental responsibility, Team Work & Global Leadership and Future Community Development.

    The Cambridge University International Education Advanced Level (IA-level) and I.G.C.S.E are world renown and used in over 15000+ school around the Globe. When taught in conjunction with curriculum that balances learning English along side ECA’s and other academic subjects, you give your child the best possible start in their future career and demonstrate a superb & well rounded student.


University Councelling

    Those students that wish to study in a foreign university will need professional guidance as to what is necessary and what is expected of them.

    Each student will receive individual help and assistance to help them make the right choices with regards to career planning, degree course selection and destination country of choice.

    Career Counsellors will help students map out the individual steps needed in order to successfully apply for their chosen course at their preferred university.

Extracurricular Activities - ECAs

      Universities in the USA and Uk are now looking at more than just a student’s exam results to decide on admission. We are all too aware that in today’s competitive field of education that students must stand out from the crowd. This has lead to developing a set of rigorous and relevant ECA activities that all our students can participate in.


      With a wide range of ECA’s that challenge the students both physically and mentally, while relating to the various university courses and giving real life experience outside of the classroom. Students completing a full three year course will have chance to sample the full program of ECA activities in conjunction with receiving advice from their career consellor. 


Teaching Stuff

      All teaching staff are throughly vetted and selected for their teaching abilty and experience. We only employ English / American / Canadian or Australian teachers to ensure that all students receive the purest English. 

      Foreign University consultants with a clear understanding of Chinese students needs and abilities work to provide guidance and support at every stage of your child’s education. 

      Chinese staff work alongside each of our foreign experts to ensure that the necessary support and additional language understanding  is provided when appropriate. 



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